Our Service for PFI Handback

The process of PFI handback requires consideration well in advance of the contract Expiry Date.  For most contracts, we would recommend commencing the PFI handback process 5-10 years in advance of the Expiry Date depending upon the complexity of the project.

Aura will manage the process of PFI handback providing a dedicated experienced PFI project manager to support the PFI handback journey. The project manager can work with you individually or as a joint appointment and will produce detailed contract analysis, programmes, procurement packages, dispute resolution and commercial negotiation as a complete package of works within the PFI handback remit.

From the outset, Aura will work in collaboration with clients to undertake a strategic review of the existing PFI Contract to determine key risks at the earliest opportunity and identify future client strategies to ensure handback is maximised.  Early planning and forward thinking will mitigate risks, avoid disputes, and ensure the most appropriate arrangements for the future use of the assets.  Audits will be undertaken to establish maintenance history and agreement of handback condition.  This would be followed by a detailed scoping exercise to identify technical condition requirements, any specialist surveys that may be required, as well as a process for anomalies.  The output would inform a joint agreement on PFI handback and highlight any financial settlements, resolve disputes, certify completion of works and produce a maintenance regime to preserve the handback condition.

The Aura service for PFI handback will be delivered by our project managers and Aura’s in-house life cycle experts, surveyors, and technical managers. In addition, we have a large supply chain of building, specialist and quantity surveyors, who can deal with ICT to medical equipment condition.

PFI handback is a new experience for most PFI clients but the Aura team bring a wealth of PFI experience in education, health and community sectors to help procuring bodies to navigate a successful outcome.  The most successful PFI handbacks will be those that prepared early, identifying capacity and skills and bringing in the extra expertise as required.

Further Information

Should you be interested in discussing our PFI handback services, please contact;

Vikki Hetherington
Project Manager
Email – v.hetherington@auranortheast.com
Telephone – 0191 481 3557
Mobile – 07875 305605

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